You Can Love Again

After giving your all to keep love alive and breathing; some way, somehow… love still ended up leaving.  But don’t blame yourself if they didn’t know your worth.  Don’t let what you wouldn’t accept allow you to hurt.  Your heart is weak, but it’s still strong enough to beat.  Before long; you will realize they are gone for a reason.  Love just had half of a home; the other half was deceiving.  But you can still be whole-hearted instead of cold hearted.  Don’t give up on love because deception is finally leaving.  Don’t neglect what’s right because you were done wrong.  Use that person’s distrust as a cornerstone to build up on.  You can love again; you just have to learn to trust again.  No one ever said that love and trust would come easy.  If they did; there would be fewer losses and more wins.

©Rodrick Bates