Welcome, and thanks for visiting my poetry blog!

My journey to falling in love with the magic that happens when pen meets paper was similar to the same journeyas when boy meets girl. Writing sort of accidentally became one of my greatest passions. As I was searching for a new and unique way to express my feelings, I discovered something within myself that I never knew existed – the art of writing. The more that I wrote my feelings down on paper, the more rhythmic the words were becoming. Eventually I became bold enough to share some of my writings with others, and as I kept receiving great feedback I was gaining more and more confidence in writing the next poem.

After writing on a more personal level for a few years I began to tap into the feelings of others. I started paying close attention to how people felt and the words and expressions they used to display their feelings, then imagined myself in those situations and wrote about them. This type of inspiration did not just come from people that I personally knew, but I also gained inspiration from music and movies as well. I think it’s amazing to be able to put yourself in someone else’s situation emotionally, then write those feelings as if they were your own. This type of writing became more gratifying than actually writing personal poems.

When social media began to take flight, I began to post a lot of my poetry and quotes from my poetry online. I was amazed by the amount of great feedback I was receiving. It reached the point of getting online messages with requests to write poems for people about how they were feeling. I’ve written several poems for people concerning love, life, and relationships. – such as possible relationships, interest in another person, relationship issues, break ups, engagements, weddings, and unfortunately death. I feel like all of these real life experiences has helped me grow as a writer. I am also very humbled to know that people trust me with their personal stories enough to send me a poem request.

I do hope you find great inspiration and words of empathy as you read.