Who is Rodrick Bates

I am a poet, writer, and blogger who writes inspiring words that will uplift you and empathize with various feelings you may experience throughout your life of relationships.

My journey to falling in love with the magic that happens when pen meets paper was similar to the same journey that two people experience when boy meets girl. Writing sort of accidentally became one of my greatest passions. As I was searching for a new and unique way to express my feelings, I tried writing them in ways that have not been said before. The more I wrote my feelings down on paper, the more rhythmic the words became. Eventually I became bold enough to share some of the things that I had written, and as I kept receiving great feedback I was gaining more and more confidence to write.

After writing on a personal level for a few years, I started tapping into other peoples’ feelings. I would pay close attention to how people felt and the words they used to explain their feelings, then imagine myself in those situations and write about them.

When social media started taking flight, I began to post a lot of my poetry and poetic quotes on facebook and twitter. I was amazed by the amount of positive feedback I was receiving. It reached the point of getting online messages with requests from people to write poems about how they were feeling. I’ve written poems for people on topics that include forgiveness, romancewedding poems, and more. I feel like all of these real life experiences has helped me grow as a writer, and it’s very humbling that people have come to me with such requests.

A writer will always be a writer. But to inspire people, a writer needs readers, and I really appreciate everyone who reads what I write.

Thank you for visiting RodrickBates.com and please feel free to check out my poetry and relationship blog.

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