I never knew what it was that I was really missing in life

Till God placed the wind beneath the wings of my unknown dreams

He created a love that has taken a flight to unlimited heights

As I fly with these wings of love; he’s giving me the pleasure of

Knowing what a heart that beats with love really feels like


Sometimes it’s indescribable; I just know that it feels right

It feels like I closed my eyes and clicked my heels twice

Then woke up inside a beautiful world where boy meets girl

Instead of getting on my knees for needs; I prayed for things

That’s why you were not recognized in my unknown dreams


I didn’t even know that I needed you, love, or your love

But now that the unknown has become the known; I need us

Now I can’t even dream if my dreams don’t involve you

When God put our hearts together to equal a love that’s true

He didn’t just solve my unknown problems; he solved two


You were the unknown addition to making my life complete

I’m just glad God didn’t listen when I was only praying for me

He took everything that I prayed for and gave me more

God made reality out of a vision that I never knew existed

I didn’t recognized love from the start, but I know this is it

©2016 Rodrick Bates