I don’t know how long this will last. Will my anxiety pass or will I have sleepless nights every day of my life until I am able to reach out and touch what I’ve never had? Love! I know you are just that... Love! It just doesn’t seem right when I can’t touch you because … Continue reading Love

Her Smile

Her smile is diversely beautiful, but it can also be the medicine to her pain. Her smile could represent a silent greeting or interjection, and it could also represent the sun after the rain. Her smile doesn’t make the pain go away. It just makes the symptoms fade. She smiles after being treated wrong, because … Continue reading Her Smile

I Apologize

Look into my eyes and give me your hand. Now understand that I sincerely apologize for each and every wrong man who has walked into your life and ran… again and again. I apologize for the men who made you walk away from them, because their actions didn’t reciprocate what you emotionally gave to them. … Continue reading I Apologize